I hate this school

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Why “I Hate This School”

I have heard this phrase uttered many times by a number of students (and even some staff!) during my education career. It is my intention to put ideas out in the world and have discussions about how to erase this phrase from schools.

“I hate this school” usually comes from a place of intense frustration for kids. In truth, there have been times where I agreed with a student when they said they hated their school. Things were unfair and wrong: an expectation was inconsistently enforced and they were responding to a consequence they didn’t get the last time,

My purpose with this site is to deconstruct every aspect of the education environment in order to make it a place where no student feels compelled to say “I hate this school.” I want all students and staff to love coming to their school each day. I want all students and staff to feel a deep connection to their workplace and a camaraderie with one another.

Children have a tremendous amount of resiliency to overcome the failings of adults. I’m always amazed that even in a dysfunctional school a kid can keep their inner goodness and hopefulness and saddened that schools can be places where that takes effort to maintain. I want adults (myself included) to stop disappointing and letting down students and families who trust them to provide the service of a great education. We have to understand at a deep level how precious children are and treat them like it. That means working really hard to build schools that hold everyone accountable to high expectations.

I love all of my students unconditionally and that’s an important component of being an effective educator. Loving students is not the most important reason to be in education though. I love my students but I love preparing them to succeed in college even more. I want all of students to be prepared to excel in college so that they can choose whatever career path they want. If schools can be a breeding ground of success, students won’t always love school or love their teachers but they definitely won’t hate it!

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